Tick-tock, it's time for some #AI #Halloween fun!

Perhaps Halloween don't scare you - but AI might do...

Boo! Did that scare you?

No? Well that's okay because I've got something that just might give you a touch of the Halloween heebie-jeebies, especially if you're fascinated with AI, like me.

Ever wondered what would happen if AI was calculating global domination instead of your daily digital tasks?

Scary thought, isn't it?

Well, just for the fun of Halloween, we've crafted a whimsical 'What if' scenario that spins a fantastical tale of an 'evil AI' partner-in-crime plotting unseen takeover. The UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and tech visionary Elon Musk feature as unknowing allies in our AI's imagined world domination stratagem.

Which they might well do… This crazy Halloween nightmare is not something I could talk about on national radio last week… But you never know.

Are you afraid of AI?

So as I couldn’t talk about my crazy silly Halloween thought then. As it was a serious discussion before a key speech by the prime minister.

Remember, this is all in jest and good Halloween spirit. Just for today, and we guarantee it's far from reality. AI remains our diligent assistant and trusted tool, not a villain lurking in binary code.

So, grab a cup of hot cocoa (or something stronger if you're so inclined), curl up, and enjoy this slightly spooky, entirely fictional email written after the summit.

After all, what's Halloween without a charmingly chilling story? Even if it’s a bit silly. And for the more serious among you - the actual speech transcript is here in this blog. But it’s worth wondering - did he write it - or did AI?

Happy Halloween and happy reading!


Dan Sodergren

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And if you like Halloween - here’s another image for you….

Scary what Dalle3 can for free isn’t it.