A promise to myself. A bonus for you...

The launch of the second cohort.

Hi Everyone

A while back I promised myself I would not LAUNCH the second cohort.

Of the course I made until the first person finished the AI Marketing Course.

So I am very happy to say that we presented our first certificate TODAY.

And she loved going on the course and learning all about AI and marketing.

"Completing the AI Marketing Course has completely empowered my approach to marketing and personal branding, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. Its practical modules are resources I will confidently revisit and apply in my entrepreneurial journey. I'm excited about the growth that lies ahead, thanks to this course.”

We can now launch the 2nd cohort in September with AI's help - of course.

Which was always gonna happen. As it's ace.

Anyhoo this email is to give you THIS.

A special code for the new cohort.


This is for £200 off the course RRP.

I know pretty cool huh?

The great thing about having my own business..

Is that I get to choose who saves money… and how much.

As you are on my VIP list - you get to save A LOT. Happy Fridays.