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AI Revolution: Your Future Starts Now 🚀

Welcome to the September dispatch of our insightful newsletter.

Ready to dig into the most significant AI innovations of the month? Let's kick start the AI adventure with the 5 things that happened this month. Which prove AI is the key driver for the future of work.

1. ChatGPT Now Supports Voice & Image Uploads:

This remarkable dial-up for OpenAI's ChatGPT is changing the game of human-AI interaction. ChatGPT can now comprehend and interact using voice and image input. It isn't just text anymore! Its multimodal faculties allow it to respond to visuals, understand queries better and provide more in-depth answers. Staying ahead in communication has never been easier.

This means ChatGPT can see and hear now…. It’s truly amazing.

Are you excited to host a game-changing virtual assistant in your pocket? We are! 1

So much so we went to the Zapier Connect event - to listen to the Founder of Open AI - let’s just say we were NOT disappointed with his ideas for the future…

2. Microsoft Unveils Copilot - Your Everyday AI Companion:

Microsoft has brought forth the next big thing in personal AI assistance – Copilot. This AI marvel vows to simplify your digital tasks. From routine chores to complicated online navigation, Microsoft Copilot can handle it all, making your workday smoother than ever. Imagine an assistant who's available 24/7, ready to assist with any digital task at hand?

It will be like everyone gets their own digital intern. But is the world ready for emails that come from a computer - rather than from you?

I’m asking this on this LinkedIn Poll.

In my opinion, the future of work just got a lot more exciting, and 10 times more efficient! 2

But should you bring that efficiency over to your personal life?

I’m asking this on this LinkedIn Poll.

3. OpenAI's DALL-E 3 Breaks New Ground for Artists:

DALL-E 3, OpenAI's recent revelation, is creating waves in the art circles. It allows artists to leverage AI capabilities while keeping their artistic integrity intact by opting out of training. This means creatives can embrace AI, learn from it, and explore new horizons while preserving the individuality and authenticity of their work.

The new version will also run on ChatGPT for your prompting making it easier and easier to get what you want.

A perfect union of art and technology – that's DALL-E 3 for you.

4. AI Image Generator - A Revolutionary Launch by Getty Images

Out with the old, in with the new! Getty Images' revolutionary AI image generator is changing the face of visual communication. This time with everyone safe from copyright issues. As we move towards an increasingly digital world, the need for unique images is higher than ever.

This ingenious tool uses AI to generate distinctive images, based on work owned by Getty ensuring that the visuals you use are as unique as your work. But also free from any copyright problems in the future.

Now, that's what we call a visual revolution! 4

5. Amazon Invests in OpenAI Rival - Anthropic:

All eyes are now on Anthropic - the new entrant in the AI race, thanks to Amazon's recent investment. This exciting development is proof that AI is now an unavoidable compass leading the tech industry. Not only are we a MASSIVE fan of Claude and Claude 2. But it will be interesting to see what Amazon can do with this and Alexa.

This might just change our homes as well as our offices. But let’s be honest, many of us work from home. So this is gonna be the future of work.

Many people have seen Amazon moving slowly around AI. With this new move I can't emphasis enough the escalating importance of AI in the present and the future.

Stay tuned to witness how this investment shapes the advancements in AI! 5

AI and The Future of Work

"A world-class AI strategy isn’t optional for many businesses – it’s a must-have,"

says thought leader (and all round great guy) Bernard Marr in The Raconteur 6.

We couldn't agree more. And so it was really interesting to talk to John Amaechi OBE. If you don't know or follow him - Everyday Jedi @JohnAmaechi - is an organisational psychologist, Chartered Scientist, New York Times best-selling author, CEO of leadership consultancy APS, and was the first Brit to play in the NBA. You should follow him on LinkedIn- he is a legend...

John partners with organisations to help leaders deliver on the promise of authentic, transformational leadership. And he wanted ME to talk to HIM about the future of work and AI.

Mind blown.

Was truly an honour.

We discussed a lot and one of his people might be coming on the AI Marketing Course and taking the last place for September. But if you work in a large business then the AI Marketing Course might not be for you. The company John set up and runs doesn't have a marketing person.

But as he wryly pointed out

"It's a recession.... we need to have one"

And he is right - the nature of what we do in a recession is different to other times. We need to be more productive rather than less. So if you work in a small one - or like me you work by yourself - the course is designed to help you gain mastery over AI in the marketing world. And become at least twice as productive.

Crafted especially for entrepreneurs like you who are time-conscious and driven by social impact, our course bridges the gap between AI and marketing.

You will gain insights into the best marketing automation tools and the practical usage of AI in digital marketing. So, imagine driving your business growth leveraged by AI. Sounds fascinating, doesn't it? And with our course, this doesn't have to remain a figment of your imagination.

So as a course creator, it was really interesting to see the founder of Open AI talk about education and tutoring. Being the very things he wants to see built with his technology.

Your wish is our command...

What about the future?

The future is now, and its name is AI. Honestly, things like the 4 day work week, life work balance, less stress, less burnouts ALL are possible now by using AI in your job and at your work. If you are lucky enough to be employed in the knowledge, creative and professional sectors…

Are you ready to step into this unfolding world of possibilities?

Want to learn more about them all.

Or watch it on Youtube - more than 1000 people have so far... Here's the link.

And if you want to really geek out I wrote a blog about it all here as well...

Believe you me - the whole world's journey towards an AI-integrated future starts here. Whether we like it or not. Join us on this exciting adventure! Or you might just get left behind.

The next few months are going to be truly breathtaking.

Work will never be the same again.

Yours sincerely

Dan Sodergren

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