Level Up Your Marketing Game - The AI Marketing Course is Back!

Unlock the Future: Learn Time-Saving, AI-powered Marketing Skills Today!

Hello there

I thought this might be of interest to you.

Or someone you know. A loved one or a work colleague.

The relaunch of the AI Marketing Course for the next cohort starting at the end of September.

Designed so entrepreneurs and small marketing teams can make the most of the advances in artificial intelligence and save time and money.

And our first cohort just finished.

This is what Victoria said at graduation...

"Completing the AI Marketing Course has completely empowered my approach to marketing and personal branding, especially on platforms like LinkedIn.

Its practical modules are resources I will confidently revisit and apply in my next role moving forward.

I'm excited about the growth that lies ahead for me and my new skills, thanks to this course.”

And about the #AI Marketing Course directly on...

And drop me an email if you would like any discount codes for the course.

For you. A work colleague. Or a loved one or friend. Or someone you know.

Why would you want them to benefit from this online training?

As learning about AI for Marketing before other people do will

- enrich their employee standing

- add value to their resume

- help them get a promotion

- or save them hours of work

Hope you are well. And happy too.

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