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Embrace the Wonders of AI - This Month’s Noteworthy Innovations.

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Well, yes that’s true but it’s for a great cause and we had so many people wanting in - I couldn’t choose 4 - so we went with 8 instead.

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Good point I have some amazing new happenings from the world of AI for you to enjoy and learn from. AND…

A special offer for you ALL at the end of the newsletter. As diversity and inclusion is for everyone. And inclusion is very important in my eyes. As is education as someone much wiser than I once said…

So with this in mind. Step into the future with us as we delve into a month filled with exciting AI advancements that are reshaping our everyday experiences. From art to search engines, video editing to politics, and even celebrity culture - AI is everywhere!

Have you ever considered the role AI could play in creating art? A recent piece from [Wired] certainly has us contemplating. It sparks the question: What if our beloved paintings and sculptures were products not of human hands but of intelligent algorithms?

The vistas of innovation expand further with some very very noteworthy news from Google. As mentioned on [Google's own blog], the search engine giant has hopped on the generative AI train, resulting in better and more bespoke search results, tailor-made for us.

Basically you can now create images in Google like you could with Bing… So that’s a new one for Generative AI.

And speaking of generative AI, have you heard about Adobe's new project? Imagine effortlessly removing an object from a video; Adobe is indeed making this dream a reality, reports [The Verge] The world of video editing is moving at light speed, with Generative Fill taking the lead!

As if this isn't thrilling enough, Engadget's recent article introduces us to a universal AI dubbing machine. Thanks to [Engadget], we now know that just around the corner lies a world where AI will synchronize lip movements in any language!

And yes I have made one of these videos - and the AI Marketing Course next week - might well be coming out in Spanish… Lol.

I am not alone in wanting to use this technology as even the world of politics is not shy to adapt and evolve with AI. The language of civic engagement becomes AI-infused, with NYC's mayor using AI to connect with constituents in their own languages, a feat featured on [Politico]

Which I think is a bit spooky but not as spooky as the new work from Facebook and the world of celebrities. [The Decoder] reveals the introduction of AI in creating celebrities. Kendall Jenner's partnership with the AI Celeb Wagon brings about some enthusiasm along with resistance - the question 'would you prefer real or AI celebrities?' hangs in the air.

But also which one could you afford? It’s a bit like you can now have your own celebrity AND you can now have your own teachers too. Which I think is something that may change our perspective on education. Imagine walking into an office for a meeting and finding yourself face-to-face with an AI Principal. Yes, as per [Tech Co.]

Interested in molding the future of education with AI? [AITeacherCourse] is here to guide you through this evolution. And something I talked about on Radio Scotland this week and blogged about as well.

As I was on a podcast with Kaplan’s learning and development director AND I just finished the keynote for Stone Group who are suppliers of education technology to the world of schools too.

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