Grok is released by Elon. And other AI stories from this week.

But what does this mean for the rest of us - well it might mean a LOT.

Grok is released by Elon. And other AI stories from this week.

Welcome to the forefront of innovation!

As passionate learners and pioneers of progress, we know you're actively seeking to embrace tools that propel you towards success. This month, we're talking about the seismic convergence of entrepreneurship and AI that's transforming the digital landscape.

From the realms of Social Media, Instagram is reportedly working on an exciting AI friend feature, providing users with an array of options to customize the characteristics and interests of these virtual companions in unimaginable ways.

We are so much closer to be able to create bots that we can monetise online. Proven by how Quora has launched their Poe initiative, a bold new monetization program for creators of AI-powered bots, empowering them to capitalize on their innovations.

This is going to be key. And something I think Twitter or X will also do. Elon Musk's project - xAI, sheds light on the immense opportunities in store in the realm of AI.

Elon's recent launch of xAI's first product offers a fascinating glimpse into the future of AI and robotics, reaffirming his commitment to this venture. Whilst his clever use of the PR opportunity of the AI Safety Summit. Shows a lot about how he does business…

Whilst the name of it is soooo Elon Musk. Lol.

It’s called GROK. Wanna know why?

Grok-1, a state-of-the-art language model with real-time knowledge of the world via the 𝕏 platform, powers Grok. Which is it’s secret weapon and could be amazing for a LOT of things for the future of work. Especially research and also in marketing.

Grok-1 can handle various tasks, such as math, reasoning, and coding, and can even answer spicy questions that are rejected by most other AI systems. Which again is probably another thing people will like. And definitely something insisted on by Elon Musk…

But with it’s different persona and potential political views Grok is still a very early beta product. Still, it has already shown impressive results on several machine learning benchmarks, it has a LARGE prompt capacity which is exciting and Grok-1 is also very efficient, using only half of the training resources of comparable models.

Grok could change the way we work with AI forever.

BUT it’s not just Grok. As Open AI…

Changing tides in the AI world doesn't stop at xAI. OpenAI has made a splash with their inaugural developer-focused DevDay, which is set for tomorrow and I predict will be HUGE.

It’s yet another testament to the ubiquity and impact of AI in today's digital ecosystem. As is the development of video AI. As Runway's Gen-2 update has wowed spectators with its incredible AI video prowess, demonstrating just one facet of AI's extensive utility.


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