A great Friday - with 40% off Typing Mind AND...

A whole host of AI clever bots to benefit from for FREE*

Hi everyone. Happy Fridays… 


You know we LOVE Typing Mind on the AI Marketing Course.

If you don’t know what Typing Mind is then it’s a 

TypingMind is a web app that lets you use ChatGPT with GPT-4 and other features like chat history search, folders, prompt library, text-to-speech, and more.“ 

But what about the cool stuff that Open AI brought out. 

Yes - I love that stuff too - and blogged about it here. 

But even with Open AI bringing out GPT’s. 


As I have been making GPT’s for a week now. One a day. 

Making them out of different characters and prompts. 

And right now - you are better off using TypingMind. 

So great news from them this Black Friday. 

Use code: BLACKFRIDAY2023 

Grab the deal over today. 

As it's a limited-time offer 


Who else has been having a plan around with GPT’s? 

They are like little AI bots that do your bidding. 

They are limited but kinda cool but… 

You need to have ChatGPTplus. 

To pay with them so…. 

Have a go if you do.


As they are not just fun but might even become mini businesses in themselves. 

So choose which one you want to have a go on first. 

As long as you are a ChatGPT plus subscriber. 

And if you are not - then you can still use 

Typing Mind and get 40% off

And come on the AI Marketing Course too….


I have good news for you - from today - we are no longer doing cohorts. 

SO you can join whenever you like, work at your own pace, and do the course. 

You can take as long as a year to complete it - but some people do it in week. 

It’s a day’s worth of training, around 6 hours, 21 videos and 7 modules.

And with our BLACK FRIDAY DEAL. 

You get £200 off for being YOU.

Just email me back.

Yours sincerely

Dan Sodergren

PS…. Here’s my list of GPT’s to play with if you can. You choose.


All the above AI clever bots are yours to benefit from for FREE*

*If you have ChatGPTplus and until OpenAI changes their mind!