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Hi there, visionary entrepreneurs and other clever folk.

You will have seen with EVERYTHING happening with AI right now. That the future isn't merely knocking at our doors anymore, it's moved right in, and sat itself on your sofa (if you work from home)

And the future is named


Intelligent machines and algorithms have leaped out of the realm of science fiction into our daily business practices. So let me ask, are you on board this transformative journey yet?

It's with great excitement that I share this amazing podcast episode, some people are saying it’s my best yet, that I had with Jeremy Blain. Who is a great host and public speaking about leadership in his own right.

Have a listen to the podcast here.

'Rethink Leadership.' In this intriguing conversation, we voyaged through the fascinating crossroads of AI, empowering leadership, and the imminent future of work. As someone who's spent over a decade fully immersed in AI and digital marketing, I shed light on AI's rapid metamorphosis and its transformative potential across fields.

With a foot already in an AI-dominant future, I reveal tangible ways you can leverage this revolutionary technology to foster elevation and innovation in your business. Ready to redefine leadership in the digital age and embrace the AI revolution? I'm here to guide you in that journey!

Have a listen.

But that's not all! I'm thrilled to introduce you to a game-changer - our AI Marketing Course, crafted with the foresighted entrepreneur in mind. This course will deepen your understanding of AI and how to weave it into your marketing strategies.

Unlike most courses, we emphasize practicality over theory. You will encounter time-saving AI tools and real-life cases of AI successfully employed in digital marketing.

The other places have been book marked and we only have 12 people per cohort so I can help you all personally with your learning.

Which is very much like what I did the other day. As I did some face to face hands on training for one of my past cohorts employers. And went into Manchester to do a hugely successful AI training session with My Dentist.

This online course you can access in your own time - carries the same spirit of practical application and engagement.

So, let's embark on this entrepreneurial voyage together. Listen to the podcast and sign up for your AI Marketing Course. If you can.

Next month, it goes up to full price.

So the discount for £200 off is


Remember you have to put the discount code in when you purchase your spot. As this is out of my hands once done. And I want you to get the discount.

The course takes about 6 hours to do. As you know...

And you / your people will all have access to it for a year.


Let's embrace the AI revolution and rocket your business to new dimensions of creativity and innovation! Here's to your future triumphs and myself helping you get them in the blink of AI.

Yours sincerely

Dan Sodergren