Boost Your Marketing Career Success this Friday

With Our Exclusive AI Marketing Helper Bot FOR FREE*

Boost Your Marketing Career Success this Friday with Our Exclusive AI Marketing Helper Bot

Hey there, Trailblazer!👋

Wow, what a week, right? It's Friday, your favourite day to receive life-changing emails. Hold on to your rocket ship, because we've got something incredibly cool to share! 🚀

We know you're always on the lookout for ways to tap into the world's most advanced tech, and utilise it to bolster your entrepreneurial journey. Or maybe your career… And so guess what?

We've exactly what you need!

We're thrilled to introduce you to our latest addition - a rockstar GPT chatbot, now available to help introduce people to our AI Marketing Course! 🎉

"But why should I, an uber-busy entrepreneur, care about AI and GPTs?"

We hear you ask. 🤔

Simple. With AI and GPTs, your marketing efforts don't just get automated, they get super-smart! Imagine spending less time analysing data and more time brainstorming new, innovative ideas. Imagine having a digital Sherlock Holmes making sense of all your customer insights, giving you laser accurate, real-time suggestions to wow your audience and make more impact.

Your Marketing Artificial Intelligence.

Using it means you've have time to grab that Flat White and still rock!

Of course, you can still come on our AI Marketing Course. As this is not just about teaching how to use smart tech. It's about making you the master of it. 💪

The course features a full day’s worth of marketing training on our online platform designed for visual learners like you who are strapped for time and hungry for knowledge.

The course material is clear, engaging and interspersed with real-world examples – no fluffy theories, only hands-on practical stuff! 😁

And of course, the tools you need to help AI do your marketing with you.

If you want 15 top AI tools NOW

So, are you ready to feel clever, in control, and proactive?

All while donning your favourite superhero cape?

And take the leap towards a smarter

DM me your thoughts.

Dan Sodergren

PS. Our new bot is here…